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Fri., Dec 4, 2020
Drive-In Movie

at Gateway Playhouse

A Jewish male nurse plans to ask his live-in girl friend to marry him. However, he learns that her strict father expects to be asked for his daughter's hand before she can accept. Thus begins the visit from Hell as the two travel to meet Mom and Dad, who turns out to be former CIA with a lie detector in the basement. Coincidentally, a sister also has announced her wedding to a young doctor. Of course everything that can go wrong, does, including the disappearance of Dad's beloved Himalayan cat, Jinxie.

Director: Jay Roach
Writers: Greg Glienna, Mary Ruth Clarke, Jim Herzfeld, John Hamburg
Stars: Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Teri Polo
Release date: Oct. 6, 2000
Runtime 1h 48m

Content Advisory:
This film has been been rated "PG-13" by the classification and rating administration Motion Picture Association of America.
May not be suitable for some viewers. We encourage you to use your judgment based on age, maturity level, and subject matter. 


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