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NOVA Online: Into the Abyss

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NOVA Online: Into the Abyss

This is a companion site to an expedition that took place off the coast of Washington State in 1998. The expedition's goal was to study hydrothermal vents, also known as black smokers. The goal was to use a remote-controlled submersible to locate these vents, film their activities and then cut four of these off the seafloor for further study. They want to study these towers of rock because they may just hold clues to how volcanoes can support life, how life got started on Earth, and even how it could exist on other planets. The site contains a description of how the mission began and how it was accomplished. It also has daily dispatches from the crew, descriptions of indigenous marine life, in-depth discussions of equipment and crafts used during the expedition. It contains geological information and e-mail discussions. All this material is presented in a multimedia format with videos and images.
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