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The Real World: Trade & Outsourcing in Geography Class

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A few years ago, American students’ low scores on national geography tests sounded an alarm in political and education circles. The tests’ results revealed that most American students were unable to correctly identify states and regions in their own country, let alone identify cities and countries around the globe. The weak scores highlighted the fact that geography had often become a neglected subject in U.S. schools, and spurred a renewed emphasis on geography education in the classroom.

Peace through Knowledge: The study of Islam and other World Religions

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Putting the words school and religion together in a sentence is enough to make many people cringe. Separation of church and state is an important facet of the U.S. government, and teachers tend to avoid religious topics so they don’t run the risk of crossing that fine line. Joann’s featured resources this week on the Gateway give teachers tools to teach students about world religions in a fair and balanced manner.

Gateway News 8-30-12

We are excited to announce that JES & Co. has received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to expand the Achievement Standards Network (ASN) and to develop new ASN services. Click here for more information about the grant:

The Gateway to 21st Century Skills (Gateway) is one of two projects managed and administered by JES & Co. The other project is the ASN. Both projects are tied very closely together. While the Gateway is the digital library, the ASN is the “connect the dots” piece between resources and standards. If you create a free account on the Gateway you can browse the Common Core State Standards and even search for resources by standard. The ASN...